A&AEE Aircraft (Aerospace) and Armament Experimental Establishment

ACR-7 Talk-down approach with step-down glidepath

AFC Air Force Cross

AFM Air Force Medal

AFS Advanced Flying School

AFU Advanced Flying Unit

ASI Airspeed indicator

AvP70 Aviation Publication 70

BAe British Aerospace

Balbo Large formation of aircraft (after Italian Marshal Balbo)

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

BFTS British Flying Training School

Blighty UK (slang)

BSc Bachelor of Science

Bundoo Uninhabited featureless scrub country (desert, jungle etc)

Bunt Negative-g flying manœuvre (eg inverted loop)

BW1 Bluie West 1 (airfield)

CA Controller, Aircraft

CFE Central Fighter Establishment

CFS Central Flying School

C-in-C Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief

Chiefy Flight Sergeant (RAF slang)

Chota Small

CO Commanding Officer

c/s Callsign

cwt Hundredweight (Avoirdupois measure)

D/F Direction Finding

DFC Distinguished Flying Cross

DFM Distinguished Flying Medal

DI Direction Indicator

DSO Distinguished Service Order

Duff Unserviceable (slang)

E East

ENSA Entertainments National Service Association

Erk Aircraftsman (RAF slang)

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival

FC Football Club

FP Former Pupil

ft Foot/feet

g Acceleration due to gravity

Gen Information (RAF slang)

GCA Ground Controlled Approach

GCI Ground Controlled Interception

Half-incher Pincher (thief, cockney rhyming slang)

HMS His/Her Majesty's Ship

hp Horsepower

HQ Headquarters

HRH His/Her Royal Highness

ID Identity (Card)

IFS Inspector(ate) of Flight Safety

IN(S) Inertial Navigation (System)

ITW Initial Training Wing

JSTU Joint Services Trials Unit

Limey British National

LLB Bachelor of Laws

LMS London, Midland & Scottish (Railway)

LNER London & North Eastern Railway

Loran Long Range Aid to Navigation


Mag Magneto Mayday International distress codeword

Met Meteorological information

Mile Statute mile (usually); see also 'nm'

MO Medical Officer

MoD Ministry of Defence

MoS Ministry of Supply

MT Motor transport

N North

NCO Non-Commissioned Officer

Notam Notice to Airmen

nm Nautical mile

OATS Officers Advanced Training School

OC Officer Commanding

OCU Operational Conversion unit

OCTU Officer Cadet Training Unit

ORP Operational Readiness Platform

OTU Operational Training Unit

PA Personal Assistant

PAI Pilot Attack Instructor

pfc Passed Flying College

POW Prisoner of War

Prang Crash (RAF slang)

PSI President of the Services Institute (cash fund)

PTI Physical Training Instructor

PX American Post Exchange (Base Department Store)

QFI Qualified Flying Instructor

QGH Q-Code term of instrument let-down using D/F radio

RAAF Royal Australian Air Force

Radar Radio Direction and Ranging

RAE Royal Aircraft Establishment

RAF Royal Air Force

RASC Royal Army Service Corps

RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force

Recce Reconnaissance

RN Royal Navy

RPM Revolutions per minute

R/T Radio Telegraphy

SASO Senior Air Staff Officer

SBAC Society of British Aerospace Companies (Society of British Aircraft Constructors)

SEAATC South East Army Air Training Centre

SSE South-South East

Stats Statistics

Stick Joy stick, control column

T True

Tea-leaf Thief (Cockney rhyming slang)

USA United States of America

USAAC United States Army Air Corps

USAF United States Air Force

VHF Very High Frequency

W West

Wee Frees Nickname for Scottish Free Church excluded minority

WO Warrant Officer

WOP/AG Wireless Operator/Air Gunner

WRAF Women's Royal Air Force

WRD Weapon Research & Development

W/T Wireless Telegraphy

List of Figures


1 Circuit & Landing Stages and Target Lines

2 Two-Ship Formation

3 Vic, Echelon and Line-Astern Formations

4 Atlantic Crossing Formations

5 Atlantic Nav Card & Chart - Leg One,

Stornoway to Keflavik

6 Atlantic Nav Card & Chart - Leg Two,

Keflavik to Bluie West 1

7 Atlantic Nav Card & Chart - Leg Three,

Bluie West 1 to Goose Bay

8 Air Show Display Lines

9 Air-to-Air Gunnery Tow-Line Pattern and Forced Landing Glide

10 Rocketing Sight Picture

11 Vulcan Landing Drag/Speed Curve